I’m a creative media producer and photographer working in New York where I have lived since 2012.

I began working in media production in 2019 first training as a location scout and manager. I’ve managed numerous location-focused projects spanning fashion editorial, campaign, ecommerce and broadcast advertising.

In 2020, I expanded beyond location work and helped found a full service production house called Anima Studios. Desiring to push aesthetics of the collective to their psycho-spiritual edge, I worked to make a number of unique and otherwise under-utilized spaces available to artists while also offering production services.

In 2022 I began working with my long time collaborator and sister, Lauren, to found our shared creative agency, Mother Sauce.

The primary aim of Mother Sauce is to support artists in their goal of channeling source. This goal stems from a belief that artists can see the cutting edge of progress and that it is an artists’ role to help us all see visions of what could or can be through their artistic expression.

In all that I do, I carry a deep appreciation and curiosity for the human experience and primal instinct. When I meet others who share this appreciation I find myself enlivened.

This curiosity has manifested in a variety of different projects, collaborations, and explorations throughout my life.

I attended Barnard College of Columbia University and graduated in 2015. I plan to pursue a Masters in Divinity Studies at Union Theological Seminary with a concentration in Psychology & Religion eventually... ︎